This bending, stretching, winding country road

I’ve run it twenty thousand times or more

Sun-warmed, snow-veiled, it’s born my constant load

Of joys and worries, it’s all been before.

Gel heels, gel toes, my arch from asphalt lifts

In-in, out-out, my breath is regular

From this routine I hope to never drift

Or lose this sense of deeper metaphor.

Sometimes I like to run a different road

Though similar, there’s always more to see

I’ve loved each grimy path that I’ve bestrode

Though hot and sore, as many’d never be.

I feel a burn in calf and knee and thigh

But I must run… without this I would die.


One response to “Running

  1. And each road I run makes me a better man
    So I try to run; to run as much as I can
    And I’ve ran so much – I’ve forgotten where I began
    And Each road I run on, defines who I am

    Thank you for the experience :)

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