The Math Contest

Today I’m a very happy girl. I found out that I’ve placed first in the district in a math contest I took part in in May! It feels pretty good, even if it seems to me I did more guessing than answering.


The clock is ticking

Each click measures a space of time

The wheels in my head are frantically clicking

A pattern of numbers and shapes fly around inside


I have time and space

But still my mind’s rushing

This is a fault I can’t erase

I’m stressed and fretting too much


I can’t catch every mistake I make

I think it’s literally impossible

But I need to try before I can break

I certainly can’t give up now


I’ve used two sides of blank white paper

Covered with pictures to help me think

It’s a drawing board, a thought shaper

It leads me to difficult answers


I labor on, the end closer than before

Steadfast though my mind is weary

I can see the distant, but closing shore

Not easily judged, but there still


My pencil’s set upon the sheet

A letter displays my unrestrained intellect

Answer after answer my lead eats

Though at a drudging, stuttering speed


Have I the courage to hand in my work?

To understand if I don’t succeed?

Or will it drive me completely berserk

To sit aside, unrecognized?


But of course I’ll finish this

I’m nearly done, so very close

I’ll set down my pencil, be dismissed

Go back to life and irritably wait


If my name is ever proudly called

As the best of the best, to be admired

I wonder what will be recalled

Will the discomfort be more fondly remembered?




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