A Few Short Poems Too Small to Merit Posts of Their Own

My heart is wretched around

I’ve not a breath left to call my own

Upon my face is a long dark frown

From my heart rings a mournful tone

What is there to do with love

When nothing come of it but whispering lies

I foolishly covet

There’s nothing here for me now


Last torch to light my way

I shall surrender, there is no hope

There’s only darkened dreams that numb

Cauterize this wound

With the touch of ash

I’ve no need to watch my flame die


Passing memories

Nothing to cry over

They were never there

A flash and they are gone

No reason to weep

This shudder is the cold

These silver drops

Need not have been birthed

There is nothing to cry for

When all’s been left

To dry and crumble

And be brushed away

Only scattered dust


5 responses to “A Few Short Poems Too Small to Merit Posts of Their Own

  1. They’re all written so beautifully. I’d have to say my favorite, though, is the second one. :)

    • Thank you! I don’t know which of them I like best myself- the second, I think, was written best, but the inspiration for the last one definitely affected me the most.

  2. Every good poem has enough merit to be worthy of its own post.

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